Workers Comp Claim Denied


Central Ohio Workers’ Comp Appeals Lawyer


Has your claim for Workers’ Compensation been denied? Have your benefits been cut off or reduced? Are you involved in some type of dispute over medical care that should be covered, but is not, such as an MRI?


You can push back to get the benefits you deserve, and we can help. At the law firm of Kennedy & Colasurd, a Legal Professional Association, in Columbus, Ohio, we have more than 25 years of experience overcoming denied Workers’ Comp claims. We can help you.


You Must Act Quickly if You Have Been Denied


Workers’ Compensation law does not allow much time for you to take action after your claim has been denied. In fact, you only have a short time to take the next step. If you fail to do so, you may lose your opportunity to collect benefits, regardless of the legitimacy of your claim. When you enlist us, you can be confident that we will move quickly to meet all applicable deadlines as we pursue the benefits you need.


Why Was Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied?


We have seen claims denied for a wide range of reasons. Perhaps your employer has disputed that the injury was suffered in the workplace. Perhaps it is being blamed on a pre-existing condition. Maybe you are getting some benefits, but they have refused to cover certain medical procedures that are critical to your recovery. No matter what the reason is for the denial, we have the experience and knowledge to help you overcome it.


Your Employer Has a Representative


Nearly every employer has a representative who watches over claims and protects the rights of the employer. They have someone watching out for their rights. Who is watching out for yours? That is what we are here for. From start to finish, we will make certain that your rights are protected, fighting for everything you are entitled to.


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