The Claims and Appeals Process


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Qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits is a long and difficult process. In fact, the Social Security Administration rejects the large majority of claims, knowing that thousands of those people will not exercise their right to appeal.

The Columbus law firm of Kennedy & Colasurd has helped hundreds of Central Ohio residents stick with their claims and win benefits. We gather the evidence needed, advise you about the hearing process and testimony, and argue your case to the judge.

We Know the Law and the Social Security Disability Process


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  • Initial Application
    The first step is to apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA). You can obtain the application forms from the SSA website and complete them on your own, or you can contact us if you need help or answers. Most people are denied on the first round, even with legitimate impairments and a properly documented application. Do not give up and do not let your appeal period expire.
  • Request for Reconsideration (Administrative Review)
    You have the right to request a formal review by the SSA, known as Reconsideration. We will help you prepare the additional documentation, including updated medical records, to give the best chance of approval. Many claims are denied again on Reconsideration, but it is important to lay the proper groundwork for the hearing stage.
  • Social Security Appeals Hearings (ALJ Hearing)
    You have a short period of time after a Reconsideration denial to request a hearing. This is an opportunity to state your case to a live person — an administrative law judge (ALJ) who only hears Social Security cases. The judge needs proof that you are unable to sustain full-time work because of your disability. In many cases, the SSA will select a medical adviser and a vocational expert to testify in your case, and we will help you with your testimony and be able to cross-examine the experts to present your best case.

    Attorney has handled hundreds of these hearings in 25-plus years of focused practice in Social Security Disability appeals. He knows how to prepare you for the questions the judge will ask, and he has the knowledge and skill to cross-examine the SSA’s experts. We want you to be confident and ready for your hearing, because it represents the best chance of winning benefits.

  • Appeals Council Review (Administrative Appeal)
    If the hearing judge rules against you, we can appeal the decision to the Social Security Administration’s Appeals Council. This panel has the authority to affirm the ALJ ruling, send the case back to settle a specific issue, or override the ALJ ruling and grant benefits.

Columbus and Lancaster Denied Benefits Claim Attorney

We provide a free case review, and if we handle your appeal there are no legal fees unless you receive Social Security Disability benefits. You will work from start to finish with experienced local attorney Michael Colasurd, who is familiar with SSD law and the claims and appeals process in Ohio.