Loss of Use or Amputation

Under Ohio Workers’ Compensation law, employees are entitled to additional compensation for amputation of a finger, a foot or other part of their body in a workplace accident. These benefits also apply to a loss of use injury — a limb that has lost function or feeling even though it is not severed from the body, or a loss of vision.


These claims are not always straightforward. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) may deny benefits or downplay the degree of disability. The employer may fight the claim or resist accommodations for the injured worker. Both the employer and the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation have their own doctors they use to evaluate these claims, and they do not always agree with your doctor.


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Work Accidents Resulting in Amputation or Loss of Use


An amputation injury is compensated as a scheduled loss (a form of permanent partial disability). The Workers’ Compensation statute assigns a specific amount for different limbs and extremities, based on the statewide wage schedule. For example, a severed little finger is compensated at 15 weeks’ worth of compensation, and a lost thumb is valued at 60 weeks.

We can pursue your rightful compensation for an amputated appendage or any loss of use:

  • Loss of a thumb or finger(s)
  • Loss of a hand or arm
  • Loss of toes, a foot or a leg
  • Total or substantial vision loss in one eye
  • Serious disfigurement of the face or head

Loss of use does not necessarily mean amputation. The employee may be entitled to loss of use benefits for nerve damage, muscle loss or other injury that renders the limb unusable for all practical purposes. The law also recognizes a cumulative impact. For example, the loss of two or more fingers can be compensated at a higher rate than the individual fingers — if it can be proven that whole hand function is lost or impaired.

Columbus and Lancaster Workplace Injury

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